Apparel, 3D animation, cinematography, photography, and editing all in one design house!



When I was 12 years old, I started running around with my dad’s camcorder and filming whatever I could, editing on our PC, and making mini-films with my cousins, nephew, niece, friends, etc. After high school, I served in the Air Force and didn’t really pick up a camera other than to capture my own growing family’s memories. When I finally got out, that creative spark re-ignited when I joined a local car club and the gears started turning in my media-driven head to shoot not only video, but photography. Combined with graphic design, I started this one-stop shop and it’s been a fun adventure ever since.

From weddings to car shows, baby announcements to parties, I put a cinematic twist into everything that I create. Shooting is fun, but post production is where I really shine and I love it – not to mention it’s very good PTSD therapy! 😉

Apparel design is a recent endeavor and I can get really creative with it. Custom designs are what I’ve been doing for years, but now I have my shop open here with some merchandise from my mostly fitness-driven DsF Athletics division. If I’m not at work or editing a film teaser, I’m in the gym – so I need comfortable gear for that, right?

3D animation is another “newish” endeavor, with custom film introductions and company logo upgrades being a popular marketing tool, so that’s another part of this creative house.

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